Florida Governor And Legislature Praised For Entrepreneurial Strategy

April 23, 2011 No Comments by Raul Espinosa

The FPA Think Tank at UNF claims the Governor’s strategy to consolidate economic development efforts, reduce the State bureaucracy, eliminate duplicate services and abolish burdensome regulations will strengthen the infrastructure that supports the 2.4 million small and minority businesses in the State. In a letter to the Governor and the Legislature, the Think Tank requested the cooperation of all Florida Agencies which issue public contracts with tax-payers dollars at the state, county and municipal level.

The Umbrella Initiative, the Think Tank claims, will strengthen the government contracting functions, including the State’s One Florida Initiative, save the State millions and bring needed transparency to the tracking of all contracts in the State. The Initiative was crafted to prevent, among other things, disparities from taking place and to permit the involvement of university professors and students in the promotion and support of innovation, entrepreneurship and teaming of small businesses in the community to help create jobs.

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