“Through the continual efforts of the FPA Think Tank at UNF, key obstacles to contracting have been highlighted and solutions have been implemented. Given their track record, I am confident that their Umbrella Initiative will improve contracting opportunities for both small and disadvantaged businesses throughout Florida and across the nation.”

John Mica
Member of Congress

““The Umbrella Initiative offers actual solutions with measurable results to a State dilemma the Governor intends to solve.”

Jennifer Carroll
Florida Lieutenant Governor

“The Umbrella Initiative will create self-sustaining projects with commercialization potential and will eliminate barriers to contracting and all with measurable tools that will track participation and job creation.”

Bill Nelson
U.S. Senator

“The Umbrella Initiative has a well conceived plan to enhance the level of contracting assistance to small and disadvantaged businesses and to help them overcome the barriers to their participation in the contracting process.”

Ander Crenshaw
Member of Congress

“MBRT supports the deployment of The Umbrella Initiative. A masterfully conceived approach to eliminating barriers while encouraging contracting with the government at all levels.”

Roger Campos, President and CEO
Minority Business Roundtable (MBRT)

“The Umbrella Initiative private sector approach combines innovations in technology to help build the job base in America and help minority businesses participate in government contracting.”

Dr. Henry Thomas, Director
Florida Center for Public Policy at UNF

“The Umbrella Initiative methodology fosters collaborative partnerships between small businesses. Knowing the track record of the FPA Think Tank at UNF, the initiative is poised to succeed at leveling the playing field in government contracting.”

Fernando Galaviz, Chairman
National Federal Contractors Association (NaFCA)

“Combining cultural-sonic management and university linage convinced us of the great potential of The Umbrella Initiative to help minority businesses get involved in government contracting.”

Richard Danford, President
Jacksonville Urban League

“The Umbrella Initiative with its portal and well conceived projects is poised to increase the capacity of our organization and the contracting opportunities of those whom we serve.”

Eugene Franklin, President and CEO
Florida Black Chamber of Commerce

“The Umbrella Initiative and its portal have the potential to assist the entire Florida Finance Network identify and fund more businesses throughout the State of Florida.”

Mark Scovera, President
Access Florida Finance Corporation

“We are impressed with the Umbrella Initiative and its approach at involving university professors and students in community projects that teach entrepreneurship and create jobs.”

Jackie Perry, Executive Director
Beaver Street Enterprise Center